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Sometimes, you can tell a lot about a company by the name. Such is the case with
TruCare Living Centers - Palestine. Our nursing and rehabilitation community is first
and foremost focused on providing the highest level of care to our patients.

You'll sense our commitment to patient care the moment you enter our comfortable community. Our management team is staffed by experienced, licensed nurses.
That hands-on experience and medical knowledge in management is both rare and invaluable in providing an interdisciplinary approach to maximizing clinical outcomes
for our residents.

Our equipment is second-to-none and our rehabilitation focuses on returning patients
home in the safest and fastest means possible while also improving the quality of life
of each patient.


Our care extends beyond your loved ones' health to their well-being and overall happiness in life. That's why we focus on providing exceptional common areas for socializing and relaxing; along with a robust activities program that provides a diverse range of activities designed to promote mental alertness, physical strength and to provide fun!

Interested in joining the team at TruCare Palestine?
Better care starts with you!
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